Illinois Approved Responsible Vendor

ACC is a Responsible Vendor approved by Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to provide Responsible Vendor Training. ACC has over 6 years of training experience in the industry as well as helped develop programs within the community to further the social equity component of the IL1438 Bill.


Our advisory and consulting services are built to meet the needs of companies entering or currently operating in the regulated markets. Deeply experienced in the regulated markets, our services span over all phases of operations. From licensing and construction to cultivation, processing and dispensing, we have you covered.


We procured companies that are either currently in the cannabis business or will be potentially entering the cannabis space and partnering with them to establish scholarships for people who live in disproportionately impacted areas. Through the program we directly affect impacted areas by providing spending power to those areas created by the job opportunities a recipient receives upon the completion of the Dispensary Agent Training.